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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Steven Madden Bmakayla Satchel

Super excited about a recent purchase that I couldn't wait to take pics and then wait to upload them before I can blog about it because I lost the USB cable so I would have to borrow the one my cousin has (which is another reason why I don't blog much because I have to waittttttttttt to upload my pictures). I don't like using people's pictures but I'll do today because I can't wait to show you guys my newwwwwwwwww bagggg AAAAHHHHHHH I think it's sooo pretty/edgy/different/affordable/durable. I went shopping at Bloor (Downtown Toronto) AGAIN because bf sometimes works out there...anywaysss I am current obsessed with WINNERS lol they have tons of greatttttt stuff, you just gotta be patient and take your time to search through everything.

I originally went to Winners to check out some beauty products like usual because I'm obsessed with that too *hint* Youtube addiction. Youtube always makes me wanna buy stufff grrrrrrr lol anyways Winner obsession was a recent thing and I've never looked through the bag section just because I thought I wouldn't find anything modern or suitable for me and guess what I found after a tiring 1 hour of searching and deciding which bag to buy. I found 3 bag that I liked but I will only be show my top 2 that I liked (plus I couldn't find a picture of the 3rd bag lol). I was deciding between these two...

1) Jessica Simpson - Cypress East West Satchel - Black

Picture credits to http://www.dillards.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=301&storeId=301&langId=-1&productId=502416953&linkshare=http://www.shopstyle.com/affiliate

Why I liked this bag..
- It was big enough to easily put notebooks in with many other of my that I usually have in my older bags (mostly useless stuff I must say =P)
- Loved the purple lining!! purple is my favourite colour plus I just like funkier linings in everything
- Has lots of external pockets which I love and NEED for most of my useless stuff
- Love that the handles are long enough that I can wear the bag on my shoulders (favourite way to wear a handbag)
- Love the cross bodied strap that I can wear it in different ways
Why I disliked it...
- I can only find it in a black which I thought it made it look a bit too mature (this reason made me buy the other bag although i loved the inside of this bag but who's gonna see the inside anyway haha)
- I wanted a dark brown =[
- It was a tiny bit more expensive like $20 more.. no much but still more then my Steve Madden lol ($69.99)

I seems like this bag has a lots more pros than cons but I just hate how the colour totally changed the entire "look" of the bag

2) Now for my goody Steve Madden Bmakayla Satchel - Brown

Bag also comes with a cross body strap like the Jessica Simpson one but it doesn't show on this picture. Credits to http://www.endless.com/dp/B0040ZN9JK/183-8810838-9016928?ie=UTF8&creative=395033&linkCode=asn&tag=endlesscj-20&suppressRedirect=1&creativeASIN=B0040ZN9JK

TAAA DAAA!! This is my newww bag I'm soo happy with my purchase (well technically bf paid for it but I picked it out!!), I can't wait to use it soon..

Why I like this bag...
- Love this dark brown colour (the bag is not one solid brown colour it looks like crunched up leather)
- Love the rustic/military-ish look it has
- Love the size because I never had a bag this size(small) for school, when I bought it I was sure this bag is too small because it wouldn't fit any of my notes but I still loved the way it looks... when I got home it actually fits a notebook even the 300pgs ones you just gotta place it in and take it out with a strategic way lol it is still difficult but at least it fitsss!!!
- Love the cross body strap, not that I like to wear this bag cross bodied because it won't look as nice but it adds a edgy/rustic feel to it when I just let it hang around the bag (the straps are removable)
- The bag was only $49.99 plus tax =] very affordable
- Not real leather meaning I can be rough with it and not worry about it getting ruined and then getting mad at myself =P

Why I dislike this bag...
- There are zero external pockets and only 3 compartments inside
- The opening of the bag is small although there are plenty of room inside the bag
- The lining of the bag is a plain boring green colour
- The handles are short so I can't wear it on my shoulders =[

Seems like this bag has more cons than the Jessica Simpson bag but still love my bag 110% =]

Well there it is! my new bag, do u guys think I made a good buy or should I have gone with the Jessica Simpson bag? I think what sold me was just one pro from Steve Madden that won over the many pros from the Jessica Simpson bag and that is the external look of Steve Madden's bag, I love it so much that I can sacrifice my love for funky linings, the tons of pockets and my love for large bag sizes =]. I guess with this new bag I should learn to only carry stuff that I need rather than stuff my bag like I usually would with my large bags just like I would stuff a turkey! =]


helen said...

I would've gone with the Steve Madden too! It's absolutely beautiful (and affordable too)! I second the "Youtube makes you want to buy more stuff" comment. It's so true haha!

the.red.bow. said...

Omg the bag is sooo niceeeeeee <3 I laughed at the part where you said the bf paid for it lol XD And YESSSS. I LOVE WINNERS TOO. If you search hard enough, there really are some awesome finds there ;)

Alx said...

Helen: pheww glad u guys like my bag I kept on thinking about the Jessica Simpson bag just because I really love the inside and the many pockets it has!! ><.....yea Youtube is dangerous!!! both for you wallet AND grades in school =S

Dee: Yea I love Winners!! weeeeeeeee haha yea this was part of my x'mas gift =]. He was struggling so much and really didn't know what to get me so I was like "ok let me do this, take me to winners =P" LOL jk