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Monday, January 24, 2011

My all time favourite Korean dish

Pork Bone Soup!!

I love this Korean dish...... love it love it love it!!! if this dish was healthy for you I would totally eat it 4 times a day!!! Love Korean side dishes as well *drools*.

A few weeks back I couldn't resist this dish, I was having some major/dangerous craving for this and I just HAD to do some take outs! =D AND wow there were so many take out boxes that came with it!! I got this at Sushi Tei.

This was one order only!! look at how many take out boxes there is!! they could of just combined some of the foods so there is less waste!! ><

I haven't seen a place that actually gave so much, I initially thought that all these were packed with foods but nopee.......

However, this isn't bad because they actually consider not over soaking the meat/potato with the soup base so they separated them just in case I had a long traveling time. Anyways, the soup/bone weren't boiling hot =[ but I was too lazy to transfer it to a new bowl and then microwaving it. I guess this is good too just because boiling hot liquid and styrofoam don't go together!! =]. The side dishes were.... meh, specially the salad dressing that I disliked. But that's just me, I only like one salad dressing in this world and that is the one found in salads at Watami Sushi Located outside of Market Village s2. Overall, I still loved the pork neck bone and the soup because it was tender and deeeeeelicious I would ask for no salad dressing next time and perhaps consider microwaving it OR just eat in instead of take outs so there is less waste!!

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