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Monday, January 24, 2011

Good news for nap LoVeRs

Who loves napping? I do!! Do you?

Well, here's the good new! Napping has many benefits to your health that you might not even know! The other day I was watching The Dr. Oz Show; one of my favourite TV shows and he was addressing this issue. I know not everyone watches him so i wanted to pass on his word to you all so we can all benefit from our naps :)

Did you know napping 20 minutes in the afternoon will significantly benefit your body and health than it would if you stayed asleep in the morning for an extra 20 minutes?!?!?!?!

By taking a 30 minute nap 3 times a week (this sounds like a drug prescription or something LOL) can lower your risk of HEART DISEASE!!! woot sleep sleep everyone :)..Do you know why this is? because when you are at rest you lower your blood pressure resulting in less strains caused to you heart!!

And if you wanted to boost your memory all you gotta do is sleep at least 10 minutes up to 30 minute!! Dr. Oz didn't exactly say if you should do this every day or what but I can see this being beneficial as a daily habit =D I just love napping and a little boost to the memory department can really help me out in exams ^^

Now, when exactly should you nap in the day? Your body is at the most tired after 8 hour therefore you should do your "remedy" at that time. Don't sleep anytime pass the 8 hour mark or else it will mess up your night time sleeping cycle. Hate it when I can't get my beauty sleep  =` (



helen said...

I can see this as an excuse to sleep in class! LOL!

Alx said...

wooT!!!! i napped on the bus today ^^

*MoNtseR GiRl* said...

I love Dr Oz too! I just forget to record it in the day when I am at work.. a nap I FREAKING WISH I could have one!! I agree sleep can really help with health!!!