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Monday, January 16, 2012

Outdoor classes ROCKS! literally; we were out looking at ROCKS and Fossils!

This past semester I took an Environmental Science course called Glacial Sediments and Stratigraphy which explores the repeated formation of large continental ice sheets over North America and Europe in the last 2.5 million years. The landscape of Ontario is a fossil landscape inherited from the last Laurentide Ice Sheet that disappeared only 10,000 years ago; much of southern Ontario is buried by glacial sediments and the Great Lakes are the direct result of glaciation. This course also reviews the cause of glaciations and their geological and geomorphological effects paying special regard to the long record of past glacial and interglacial climates preserved in the Toronto region. Part of the requirement of this course is to attend a FIELD TRIP!.... field trip? Yesssss pleasee! This 2-day field trip allowed us to explore the glacial history of Southern Ontario.

We got the chance to go to so many places including but not limited to; the Scarborough Bluff, Don Valley Brick Yard and Niagara escarpment. Staying up all night long at the hotel with the girls was definitely fun. Every time we heard weird sounds coming from outside the hotel room we would think it was a thief and wanted to stop the door with a table LOL. Girls were debating whether or not to leave the lights on, the tv on and the washroom door open LOL (just incase anything happens haha). I personally didn't care and was not afraid but it was definitely fun watching them debate =P.

Okay let's just get started with some scenery picture (click to enlarge pics) =].

Scarborough Bluff

Scarborough Bluff

Lecture TIME!! (I wish every class was like this!)

Scarborough Bluff

Scarborough Bluff

Scarborough Bluff

Don Valley Brick Yard
THERE WAS FREE POUTINE OMGGGGGG but we came too late, the event was over already =[. Oh well, it was meant to be, need less junk in my system

Niagara Ontario

Niagara Ontario: Fossils


Niagara Ontario

Along Niagara escarpment

Niagara Ontario

Looks like skulls, no?

It got curves!

The end!
Other pictures are too personal to post on the internet and I have no permission from my girlies so that's it I guess. Hope you guys enjoyed this! DOESN'T THIS MAKE YOU MISS the warmer weather???? I wish summer will come faster!

Alx s2


Jessy said...

i went to uni for 4 and half years and not ONCE we had a field trip!!!im sooo jelly!!!!and yes it does look like skull abit, also look like the painting with the creaming man holding his face(forgot the name brain jam..hehe)i defintely miss the warmer weather...my mom said its gonna be frozen rain tmr...ugh...i hate canadian weather sometime...like really hate it...wish i was at some place warmer...

PS u should try out the L'oreal Youth Code serum...its sooo good ive used it for about solid 3 weeks and i am in love with it~~~and i will do a look with WnW once im done with my halu post..there is one more...i sometime really dislike haul post, cuz i feel like im bragging...but then again im not...and i luv read hauls myself so very self conflicting...

anywaysthis comment as gone too long so im gonna stop...hehe


mizzsandychau said...

i love field trips! i never got to go on one where we can stay over night though! looks like such a fun class omg. those pictures you took are so nice! i love the fossils, i want to go see them myself

breakingrumours said...

i wish i have classes like that!!! looks fun :D

*MoNtseR GiRl* said...

Wow those pictures are gorgeous!! Looks like a lot of fun for a class!
Niagara is sooo nice =)

Venus Loves Virgo said...

Cool photo!. I hope your Monday is going well. XOXO