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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012 story + NY Resolution

Happy 2012 EVERYONE!!!!, Wish you all good luck in the coming years, stay healthy and beautiful k? =D. 2011 has been a blast, although some things could have been better I am still very thankful for everyone who has been there for me and thankful for everything that happened in 2011. Lets all make 2012 even better! =D

Where were you guys on new years eve?, mine was simple but intense! I only made it to 7seconds countdown. I barely missed it LOL... keep reading please =P....

I had an amazing dinner at brother's house on New Years Eve (I helped cook clam in black bean sauce, sweet and sour shrimp and vegetables and mom made fish-bubble? soup, chinese styled steamed fish and chicken). After dinner I went to my bf's place and got there at 10:30pm and HADDD to take a shower because my hair was just nasty and I needed a refreshment after sleeping over at my girl's place. After shower, my bf still didn't tell me where we were going, so I thought we were gonna stay at home so I didn't bother blow drying my hair but at 11:30pm my bf said....
him: "ok lets go"
me: "what?!?! go where?
him: "countdown"
me (thinking in my head): "omg my curly ass hair! I dont have time to get ready!"
LOL I rushed to the washroom and only blow dried my bangs, quickly changed, drew my eyebrows on and got out the doors at 11:45pm
me (thinking in my head): "oh boy, we're gonna have to countdown in the car><, won't make it in time for countdown!"
But he secretly drove me to D&B, well I kinda knew after 5 min because the route he was driving on made sense only if we were going to D&B.....he drove and drove.. the clock was ticking and I was preparing myself to countdown in the car and telling my bf that it's ok if we can't make it because it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are together then I'm happy; he smiled. At 11:59, we got to the front door and got ID (I was thinking, "you're kidding me right?") then we rushed in, a girl gave us some lovely new year cone hats and headband and when we saw the big screen it was already counting down from 7, 6,(struggling to put on cone hat and headband)5, 4, (still struggling), 3, 2 (finally ON our heads), 1!!!!!!!(Him+I: "Happy New Year!!!!!, I love you!!" =''''''''D...happy tears came out from my eyes as we were wishing each other well and luck in 2012)
me(thinking): pheww I'm glad we made it! ^^=D

LOL, that was intenseeeee wasn't it?!?!.. we were soo rushed but luckly made it and had and amazing time at D&B with free new year cone hat and headband that I can use as a souvenirs. There were also free GAMES!!! =O. We also exchanged out tickets/points for 2 gifts. One of them is the red mushroom pushie in the picture above and she's wearing the NY headband we got for free^^. We also got a 3D puzzle of the Petronas Towers(Twin Towers).
*image taken from google images: search Dave and Busters"
3D puzzle of the Petronas Towers (Twin Towers) located in Malasia

It came with 86 pieces!

First 2 pieces are done and are looking goooood ^^

The finished product!! it's 50cm tall, the base is 20cm x 27cm it's soooo prettty^^

Close up ^^

Petronas Towers (tallest building in the world from 1998-2004)

My resolution 2012

Do you guys have any new years resolutions? tell me in the comment section, it's interesting to read all about them =D

Mine are simple:
* I need to remember to take my supplements (OPC3, fish oil, multivit, VIT C,D+E, kelp, enzymes, zinc, and calcium; pretty much the basics plus a little more). Near the end of 2011 I've been super bad with them and always forgetting to eat them *bad girl alx*,*bad girl*, so I hope I can get back to the trooper I used to be =]...

**Second thing is that I need to remember to drink at least 2L of water each day. I've been super bad with that near the end of 2011 too..tsktsktsk!!

That's my 1L water bottle that I used to always carry with me, but then it was so big and bulky, everyone would stair at me when I took it out of my tiny purse LOL. But I absolutely love it, it's the only thing that makes me want to drink water all the time because it's so easy to to just slurp it through the built in straw and I rarely have to refill it (refill every 2 hours or so)

***Third thing is that I wish I can get back to working out at least 30min per day for 5 days a week but I already broke this one because it's now 1/2/12 and I skip working out yesterday AND today! So I'm revising this to working out at least 3 times a week for about 30min-1hr each section. I think this is "easier" to help me slowly get back to working out again. I have stopped for so long already about half a year or more>< TSK TSK TSKK...lost all my muscle mass and only have fatty tissues left lol. I know I'm not chubby at all, and I work out not to loose weight instead I'm trying to gain some meat (muscle) and be thicker (with muscle not fat). This way my bone will have better support and I won't have so many bone problems.

****I hope to successfully complete my Bachelor of Science degree in time for the convocation in June. Right after that I hope to have saved up $10,000 by the end of this year, it's time to think about spending less on luxury items and saving up money for necessity like car, house, gas, food, etcc

At D&B with the Happy New Year headband, sporting my out of shower wavy hair and NO MAKEUP except my brows (I can never go out in public without my eyebrows unless I'm going to bf or bff's house.

There it is!, time to get ready for bed now =], talk to you all in my next posts.
HAPPY 2012, keep a smile on for me k? =]

Alx s2


San said...

YAY HAPPY NEW YEAR! Your story is so sweet, glad you two had such a great time ^^

breakingrumours said...

Aww so sweet :D Happy New Year Alex! :) Cheers to a great year ahead of us ;) and congrats on finishing the Malaysia's Twin Towers puzzle lol. Very cool 3 d puzzle,maybe I should try to get one and build.

Jessy said...

aw~~~you guys are sooo cute, i think me and the hubby just stayed home and watched Tv, b4 we knew it, it was 2012 already...we are really boring...lol too bad we didnt get to hang out, still have to make time for that window shopping trip~~~and i wish you all the best in the new year~~~


lizchewy said...

Happy New Year!! Your story is so cute!! I just spent time drinking and watching tv with my family.


mizzsandychau said...


awwww on new years eve we were driving to my favorite bar, and when we got there they were closed!!! i was so upset! so we had no idea what to do for countdown, was originally going to go downtown but i got off work too late.

Then i was thinking to go dave and busters, and my bf was like "what if they are closed, it's pretty far" so we ended up not going and went to p-mall for asain countdown instead. i couldn't even see anything and people were pushing

rawrrrr i wish i went to Dave and busters, looks so fun!!!

I have no new years rewsolution this year since i never follow through anyways hahah..

wow that's a lot of supplements! i only take vitamin D and Iron pills, but i ALWAYS forget!

*MoNtseR GiRl* said...

What a great post! It sounded very rushed to get there but you made it!! And you are so lucky to be so pretty without makeup:)
Those are really good new years resolutions! I am on board with you for the supplements, less luxury items and working out!! I also need to try to learn how to sleep lol that would be nice.
I hope you have an amazing 2012 and talk to you soon!

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