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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Giveaway Winnings

As promised, I will be updating more often now because my midterms are over and there's no assignments/papers/tests due in the next few weeks =]. If you guys read my last post, then you would know that I won a couple of giveaways and just wanted to share with you all with what I got.

Let me start off with what I won from Raluca a FEW months ago (I know this is longggggggg overdue). I was surprised that I actually won this giveaways because this is my first win ever and at that time, I just started blogging so I didn't know how it all supposed to work. I was meaning to do a blog post of a lip product collection or a lipstick review or lipstick comparing post or something related to lip products... but never got the chance to because I usually use lip balms only to achieve a more natural look but I was so glad I won her mini giveaway because I love this lipstick and it's only sold in Europe (not even available online!) that's why I was very happy to actually have the chance to try it out! Thank you Raluca s2!

This is a triple action lip product from Oriflame that consist of a lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick all in one =]
The consistency is very moisturizing, smooth and pigmented but because it is so smooth it tend to last for a short period only. 

This colour is very pretty and very close to my natural lip colour (reddish, berry, mauve-y colour), it has tiny shimmers and it smells like candy!
Con: sparkles are hard to wash off =S and it's not available to the general public

Then, a few weeks ago I won Jessy's Giveaway and of course I thought it was surreal because she had hundreds of entries and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners!! She was so kind to throw in an extra lip gloss too ^^. Thank you Jessy s2 =]
Everything came safely and nicely packaged =]
Goodies =]
Mar Bar Bubble Bar
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Nostalgia (022)

A light swatch, this lipstick is very smooth and pigmented so the colour is very build-able and this also smells like CANDY!

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray travel size (15ml)

Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works in Passionfruit (8 fl oz.)... I love this scent!

Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof in 10-Deep Black

Extra Goodie!! Can't wait to try this out, maybe I can throw this on top of the Rimmel?

Yay!, thank you girls for hosting a giveaway and sending me all these goodies. I feel so lucky ^^. Check out all the giveaways from fellow bloggers that I have on my side bar for your chance to win great prizes and make sure to check out Raluca and Jessy =]. Have a great weekend everyone and Canadians-Happy early Canada Day ;)


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Blog Award and Mail =]

I'm excited to let you all know that I finished my last midterm of the term yesterday and reading week starts today! In addition to that, I have no papers, assignments or tests due anytime soon which means I have more time to blog!^^. Also, I just recently found out that Canada post is scheduled to get back to work yesterday and that we should be expect mail Tuesday afternoon which is today!! I haven't got a chance to go to my mailbox but I wonder if there's really any mail? we'll see =].....I lied....... I couldn't wait to finish this post before going to the mailbox so I just went and came back and YES!!! there was mail!! ^^ more on that shown below =]

I also got a Twitter account a few days ago so if you'd like to follow me then click here. If you have a twitter then feel free to leave me your twitter account down in the comment section just so I can check it out =]

Ok, that's that, let's move on to today's post. Two weeks ago
Riya from pinkstrawberrielove awarded me with this awesome Kreativ Blogger Award and I was seriously so happy, surprised and honored that she thought of me. THANK YOU RIYA!! I s2 you so much!! Please check her out and follow her if you are interested, she does everything makeup and fashion related things and she's such a beautiful girl! I don't think you guys will be disappointed at all =]

10 Things about me
Award it to 10 Bloggers and Notify them about this award

10 Things about me:

1. I love purple and corals
2. I'm 5' 4''
3. I buy so much coloured makeup (like E/S) but rarely use them ><
4. I love online shopping and wished that we get charged the same price and shipping rates as the Americans =[
5. I love mangoes, pineapples, lemons, bananas, strawberry and peaches/nectarines but hate oranges, coconuts and pears
6. My favourite season of the year is summer and fall
7. I have super frizzy, curly hair but I swear I'm 100% Chinese
(There was one customer at my workplace who thought I was mixed with black which is the only mixture that I would ever want to be if I get to choose before birth =P. So I just took that as a compliment =])
8. I'm not a lip person, I usually just use lip balms or tinted lip balms but I really want to try out lipsticks
9. I love short shorts and hate mini skirts (I don't look good in mini skirts)
10. My nose and eyebrows are very asymmetrical

I would love to award the following bloggers =D, Please don't feel offended if I didn't choose you, I'm limited to 10 bloggers only but I'm assuring you that I still love you all s2!:

Now onto the MAILBOX situation, like I said above, I ended up going to the mailbox and only found a magazine and a KEY (you know what that means...there's a package waiting for me!). So I opened the the mailbox with the provided key and I found my prize that I won from JESSY (http://threenothing.blogspot.com/). Thank you Jessy, I can't wait to try everything out! I will make a detailed post on this giveaway and another mini giveaway that I won from Raluca (http://ralucasbeautyandstyle.blogspot.com/) ^^

I found this magazine and box in the mail s2

Peek-a-boo of what I won =]

After finishing my midterm yesterday I went out to dine with my friends and then right after that I went to another dinner with families and relatives =O, yep 2 consecutive dinners in one night LOL but anyways I had 10 hrs of sleep last night and woke up to awesome weather as shown in this picture =D



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Romper and OOTD x 3 (picture heavy!)

Hey!! I'm back with another long post just to make up for being mia for so long =]

I just wanted to share some OOTD as well as featuring one of my creations; a romper (I made this last summer when I went crazy over sewing, recently I've been cooling off from any sewing projects but I'm planning on getting back to it soon =]). I don't know what fabric I used sorry, I'm still new to all of this. But the fabric is thin and see-through-ish, very soft and not stretchy at all =[. It wrinkles very easily =[. The linings is a whitish/pearly-ish stretchy fabric, I lined the romper just so that the romper isn't see-through anymore.

Ok, let me show you my DIY romper, hope you all like it =]...

My DIY romper =]


Pearl-ish/white-ish linings

Ugly hem finish, but no one can actually see it, so it's ok =]

I have no camera with me so I'm temporarily using my iPhone
Ignore the socks please =]

Side view, do I need a haircut? it's getting quiet long now><

Belt was a gift from my lovely sister =]

Just wanted to show off my 1L water bottle LOL, It looks bigger in real life but it looks ok in this picture, no? and I really like my hair in this picture (I had it in a donut bun! =O)
- I think the game that we were playing is called RUMMY-O (It's SO FUN! s2)

Ok that was it but I wanted to share a couple of my other simple outfits (I always were the same accessories such as my Swarovski heart-shaped pendant, my Mosaic dual circle bracelet, and my Steve Madden Satchel-I'm pretty boring in terms of accessories and sometimes I'm boring in terms of shoes as well. I wore the same snake-skin gladiator from my last OOTD post)

$4 white tee from Bluenotes
$7 plain white tank top from H&M
$1 or $2 belt from my sister from Bluenotes (she really knows how to shop =])
$20 loose shorts with pockets from H&M

Sporting my Steve Madden Satchel as a crossed body bag =]

Photo effect with iPhone =]

Okay now moving on to my third and last outfit, I promise =]....Sorry for the long post!

$4 tee from Bluenotes
Another pair of old shorts from Sirens
Sunglasses from BUFFALO David Bitton
$50 Steve Madden Satchel from Winners
$30 Blowfish Gladiators from Sterlings

Wavy hair =]
I had to cut off my friend so this picture turned out his way =]
Btw, I got ugly tan lines from shorts and gladiator after that day walking at the park =[

Closer look at my bag and gladiators?
Btw, these two last pictures were taken with a DSLR see the difference in the quality between the DSLR and my iphone4? =[... Oh oh oh that DRLR that I'm holding in this picture is NOT MINE T_T. But I do want one =]

That was my old phone but now I've got the whity s2 and no, I don't want iPhone 5 because I like my whity the way she is =]

Ok ok, I'll leave you all alone now =], sorry for all the OOTD. Maybe it was a bad idea to post them all at once? Now I have nothing else to post in the near future LOL, Ok maybe that's not true, but still, this is such a longg post!! Hope you all had a wonderful FATHER's DAY!!! My family and I just had a casual dinner at home and we still enjoyed every moment of it with tons of laughter and yummy food =P

Let me know what you think of the OOTD and my ROMPER! =O


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry, I have been MIA for a week now. It feels like I've been gone for a month or something but it's only been a week =]. But I wanted to keep you all updated as to why I haven't been posting anything lately and of course you all know it's because of summer school. I have been busy with 2 essays that were due last two weeks and now this coming up week I have 2 assignments and a midterm (June is just full of school work-not fun as all). A lot have happened to me lately and fortunately they are all good news(minus the assignments/essays/midterms LOL) =]. I know, I've gotten many comments on my last post that I haven't had a chance to reply you all, but I assure you that I have read every single one of them and that if I really do reply to them, you know that I would reply back with an entire paragraph s2 =], so don't think I'm ignoring you guys because I'm not! =]

But anyways, I wanted to let you know that last weekend or about a few days ago I was announced as one of the winners to Jessy's Giveaway!! How awesome is that?? I rarely win anything so I was sooo surprised that I actually won't her awesome giveaway. I will post on a separate post on what I won once I receive the package in the mail (hopefully soon but I don't know, Canada post is on strike right now so who knows how long I'd have to wait right? it's soo frustrating!).

Then I received my second blog award from Riya (I will also make a separate post on this =]) I was just surprised and honored that she thought of me when picking her few fellow bloggers to pass this award to and I was speechless to receive 2 blog awards within a week or two, where I seriously thought I would NEVER get any blog awards at all. So thank you Riya s2 and thank you Tiffo for my very first award =].

Then, I FINALLY got a new phone!!!!, I've been wanting a new phone since YEARS ago. I think you will all LAUGH AT ME when you find out what phone I used to have LOL but I'm so happy that I finally got an upgrade (Will make another post on what phone I got but if you guys check my "WISH LIST" tab above, you will see something crossed out =P. GUESS WHICH ONE? =]

And now, I'm looking into buying a DSLR camera, was looking at D5100 from Nikon but I don't know, What do you guys think? or should I stick to a digital camera for convenience =] if so then I was looking into the Samsung ST600 (Dual LCD)

Picture taken from http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/gear/PDN-Gear-Review-Nik-3063.shtml
Picture taken from http://www.samsung.com/us/photography/digital-cameras/EC-ST600ZBPBUS

I want both but this isn't the right time to buy these because I will soon be jobless because my current store are closing down by the end of July, oh btw I'm a sales person at a clothing boutique =]

Anyways, will soon be posting more often just bare with me during this month where I'm stuck with tons of school work. I appreciate all the love and support you all have given me even when I'm lacking in some new post. Btw, blogger is very laggy  right now, so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes/grammars that you see, it's too laggy to edit!

Have a nice weekend everyone s2