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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DIY Romper and OOTD x 3 (picture heavy!)

Hey!! I'm back with another long post just to make up for being mia for so long =]

I just wanted to share some OOTD as well as featuring one of my creations; a romper (I made this last summer when I went crazy over sewing, recently I've been cooling off from any sewing projects but I'm planning on getting back to it soon =]). I don't know what fabric I used sorry, I'm still new to all of this. But the fabric is thin and see-through-ish, very soft and not stretchy at all =[. It wrinkles very easily =[. The linings is a whitish/pearly-ish stretchy fabric, I lined the romper just so that the romper isn't see-through anymore.

Ok, let me show you my DIY romper, hope you all like it =]...

My DIY romper =]


Pearl-ish/white-ish linings

Ugly hem finish, but no one can actually see it, so it's ok =]

I have no camera with me so I'm temporarily using my iPhone
Ignore the socks please =]

Side view, do I need a haircut? it's getting quiet long now><

Belt was a gift from my lovely sister =]

Just wanted to show off my 1L water bottle LOL, It looks bigger in real life but it looks ok in this picture, no? and I really like my hair in this picture (I had it in a donut bun! =O)
- I think the game that we were playing is called RUMMY-O (It's SO FUN! s2)

Ok that was it but I wanted to share a couple of my other simple outfits (I always were the same accessories such as my Swarovski heart-shaped pendant, my Mosaic dual circle bracelet, and my Steve Madden Satchel-I'm pretty boring in terms of accessories and sometimes I'm boring in terms of shoes as well. I wore the same snake-skin gladiator from my last OOTD post)

$4 white tee from Bluenotes
$7 plain white tank top from H&M
$1 or $2 belt from my sister from Bluenotes (she really knows how to shop =])
$20 loose shorts with pockets from H&M

Sporting my Steve Madden Satchel as a crossed body bag =]

Photo effect with iPhone =]

Okay now moving on to my third and last outfit, I promise =]....Sorry for the long post!

$4 tee from Bluenotes
Another pair of old shorts from Sirens
Sunglasses from BUFFALO David Bitton
$50 Steve Madden Satchel from Winners
$30 Blowfish Gladiators from Sterlings

Wavy hair =]
I had to cut off my friend so this picture turned out his way =]
Btw, I got ugly tan lines from shorts and gladiator after that day walking at the park =[

Closer look at my bag and gladiators?
Btw, these two last pictures were taken with a DSLR see the difference in the quality between the DSLR and my iphone4? =[... Oh oh oh that DRLR that I'm holding in this picture is NOT MINE T_T. But I do want one =]

That was my old phone but now I've got the whity s2 and no, I don't want iPhone 5 because I like my whity the way she is =]

Ok ok, I'll leave you all alone now =], sorry for all the OOTD. Maybe it was a bad idea to post them all at once? Now I have nothing else to post in the near future LOL, Ok maybe that's not true, but still, this is such a longg post!! Hope you all had a wonderful FATHER's DAY!!! My family and I just had a casual dinner at home and we still enjoyed every moment of it with tons of laughter and yummy food =P

Let me know what you think of the OOTD and my ROMPER! =O



LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Your romper is very professional looking! You should definitely keep sewing :) And congrats on the Iphone 4! I still have a non-smart phone, hehe

And Missy is a mystery breed, haha. We adopted her from a shelter when she was a puppy. We think she's part Labrador retriever and part Chow Chow (she has a purple tongue and curly tail), but she's other things too, probably. She doesn't look like only those two breeds!

breakingrumours said...

oh my god,you can sew???thats pretty darn good already! I can't really sew for nuts. and the picture that you cut off,i thought it was done on purpose,its quite creative!! and the belts from bluenotes,IT IS SO FREAKING CHEAP :D:D

I didn't know you updated!!! I didn't get your feeds ARGHHH but anyhow,like all your outfits,thats what I usually wear on a daily basis,sometimes I get too lazy so its just skinny n a tee.

I wan an IPHONEEEEE AAAH :( lol im stuck with a BB forever T.T

breakingrumours said...

btw,i never really come to know your name,or did you tell me before and i forgot?if so,i am so sorry! i always know you by your blog ;)

Jessy said...

wow i cant blv you made that romper~~~i swear its seem like everyone on blogger knows how to cook and how to sew~~~me other other hadn rely on my mom and take out for food and mass retailer for clothing~~~lol~~but that hand made romper is very cute~~~i luv it...i used to shop at bluenotes all the time when i was in high schoo, then when i was in uni, abercrombie and hollister is available, so i went from bluenotes to that~~~lol

i luv all your outfit of the day~~~so summer~~~and i luv the outfit with the loose short with the white tank, very cute~~~~

i want a DSLR too, but maybe this x-mas, cuz last xmas i got my HD camcorder~~~so im putting the Big camera on this year's x-mas list~~~


Venus In Virgo said...

That romper is totally cute on you! You dont look heavy at all in it. I love the photos too. Good luck in your studies. XOXO

Anonymous said...

You're so prettyyy Alex! & you have a nice figure. HAHA

Dang, you're good at sewing, made a romper! & it looks good. (:

I like your second outfit. Love those shorts!

Miss Independent said...

u made that romper? it looks amazing! i wish i know how to sew!

Maryam Maquillage said...

you look sooo cute!!! I love your romper--it fits you perfectly :)))

blacksandbrights said...

that romper is incredible i cannot believe you made it yourself!!! if only i had any semblance of sowing skills xx

Lisa said...

omgosh your DIY romper is SO cute!!! i love it and it looks SOO good on you.. you have the cutest most adorable petite figure ever i'm so jelly hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap you made your own romper?! SKILLZ!!! It's looks great! And I think I've said this before but I'll say it again... damn you have big gorgeous eyes! How'd you get them so big?! Hahaha.

Pop Champagne said...

wow you made that romper?! that is SO COOL!! I think it looks awesome :D

Mara said...

I can't believe you have a DIY romper. I wish I was more crafty like you. I love the print, its perfect for summer. :)

vickiiie said...

Your blog makes me want to join blogger for all the fun.. should show you my new makeup haul from benefit!! ;)
I fot the foundation faker!!!!

Jessy said...

well generally speaking i think i won't mind the uploading time, but i do like the higher quality of photo aspect of the DSLR cameras~~~i was actually talking to my mom the other day and she was like i should either get a Nikkon or Canon~~~cuz they make better cameras than other brand~~~and i think she is right~~~but i think with the DSLR camera there is a learning curve, but i have frd who has it so i guess they can teach me a thing or too~~~

I only went for summerlicious once~~~with my hubby and my bestie and her BF, to Canoe??i think thats wt's it called~~~but im not that big on white food(lol), i rmber last year when i was in Chicago i had all white fool morning, lunch and dinner and snacks through out the day i had major stomach problem that night~~~Plus i have alot of allergies, so i usually dont go to restaurant that ive never being b4~~~

and you should try your falsies~~~just cut them into the length of your upper lashline b4 you apply them, cuz often new falsies are too long~~~i think browns are very natural~~~if you do decide to use them~~`put up a post so i can see~~~lol

Oh ya glad to see you on facebook~~~


Alma said...

Your romper looks amazing! I used to do some sewing too and I've been thinking of getting back into it. I wanna do something with my old jeans and tattered t-shirts :D

You should def do more DIYS!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

WOW! great job on the romper! it looks really good!

♥ Natalie said...

Thank you sooo much! ♥
Never heard that someone likes my eyebrows :D But there are a few who are my lashes maniacs, haha~ thanks! :*


mimi said...

OMGGGGG I wish I knew how to sew!! The romper looks really good! ^^ I like how you paired it with that belt~ Every time I try on a romper, the stomach area always balloons out o__o maybe I will try it with a belt next time! (:

& Don't cut your hair! hahaha~ I think it looks pretty & longer hair = better curls if you curl your hair!

& DANGGG you got a white iphone?? I kind of want it but I kind of don't because I think apple is trying to sponge money off people!! hahaha~ why don't they release a white phone with the black phone instead of releasing the black one first and then releasing the white one so the people who bought the black phone wants to buy the white phone! hahahaha~ omg I just ranted so much about apple.. but the iphone is so nice *__*

I'm jealous of your long & skinny legs x__x my legs look like tree stumps! ): I'm so short T__T

mimi said...

LOL my comment was so long!!~ >< sorryyy~

Sofie said...

thanks so much sweety :D
I follow back <3
Hope to see you soon!

Ask Erena said...

I can not believe you made that romper! You are so talented!
Visit my blog and follow if you like it. I always follow back.
Ask Erena

songbird said...

love the outfits..specially the romper since you made it yourself!
i got bored with my hair so i chopped it off:)


Alma said...

ya ha I am mixed thanks for the compliment! I'll sub toooo ... ps don't u wish blogger had a better form of communication for responses :P I guess thats why everyone has twitter :P:P

Shang J. said...

You look super-cute in all the outfits. But my fave would me no.3. I love the mini shorts.
New follower. Hope you can follow back:

Pralinka said...

No, I dont like it! I completely LOVE it <3
You're so talented!

I'm your new follower, what do you think about following each other? Let me know :)



Katherine said...

You are so pretty! I love outfit of the day posts :)

Haze said...

You are so very talented girl! Those rompers are super cute. You did such an awesome job! I love that you put prices of your outfits :)

Can't wait to see more OOTD!


Jessy said...

Just study hard~~~and finish your mid-term~~~~~

Lol i think i might try summerlicious this year, im thinking Ultra, but i dont think its on the list~~~cuz my bday next month~~~i wanna the hubby to take me there~~~


ShinyPrettyThings said...

wow that romper looks really good on you!!! i wish I was creative enough to sew something like that LOL i can barely sew back a button >.<

and yeah DSLR pix are just so amazing in quality. I want one too!! but I'll prob be took lazy to learn how to use it hehehe

great blog btw ^_^ new follower! ♥♥

LOVE JOICE said...

Following you dear! thank you xx Joice

Joann said...

Hey girl, thanks for stopping by my blog! Your DIY romper is so cuuute! Love it. You have great style :)

Valerie said...

Thanks for sharing detailed pics of your romper. Gotta try that one of these days. And thanks for dropping by my blog. Following you. Hope you follow back. :) xx


Jeanie said...

OMG i am sooo loving your romper! i love your outfits :)


suki pooki said...

Hello Alx!!!!!!

I finally have a bit of interent since Im bumming around my bf's home and decided to reply some comments *finally!!!* ><

I love your ootd posts! I really love how your style is low-key and casual! =D I loveee natural lighting, like the sun, nothing really beats it and I normally try and wait for a nice sunny day to take some ootd, of course that rarely happens in Vancouver! Right now Im waiting for a nice sunny day to take a photo of the items I have put together for the giveaway! I tried to do it with indoor light but it really just sucks!

Thanks so much for the award sweetie! Once I have solid internet up I will definitely post it! =D

suki pooki said...

P.s I can't wait to get an iphone!!

Lina Kim ♥ said...

your OOTD is puuurfect, I like it :3 simple but cute, and that SLR, I waaaaant it too~! let's buy a DSLR~ YAAAY!


augustalolita said...

lovely photos and outfits!! the romper is so adorable on you <3

Sara.H said...

You look beautiful in all your outfits! <3 love your legs hehe :)

aki! said...

I like the romper! I can't even begin to understand sewing pants. I also like the shorts with the simple white shirt. Very clean look.


Rinny said...

Your romper came out really well! I wish I knew how to sew as well as you do :D It looks really cute on you, and I love the print ^^

Joann said...

Hey, I tagged you over at my blog :)

San said...

Alx! You're doing so well...do a giveaway when you reach 100 followers ;D

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, gracias por tu visita y comentario!
Me encanta éste post, el mono te quedó precioso!!
I like your blog!
Maybe we can follow each other?
Keep in touch!
Besos, desde España, Marcela

Girls just wanna have..style! said...

Hi dear!You look amazing in all the pics!I really LOVE your romper!
And thanks for your comment!! Aquarius are the best ;)
Hope you'll visit Paris..it's an awesome city!So glamourous and romantic!
Oh..the last thing..I think that an hat would be PERFECT on you!





Rita Barroso


Anonymous said...

Oh nonono haha. I've had my GHETTO phone for 4 years. I so need a new one.

cushy said...

you're so talented in sewing. the romper looks like something i would buy. bluenotes seems like a great place to pick up cheap fashion items. too bad, none in US.

Mui Stylelicious said...

love your romper... wish that I could sew it too...
new follower here ;)

Lyosha said...

oh my! You're so creative! can't believe this romper is DIY!

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