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Saturday, June 18, 2011


Sorry, I have been MIA for a week now. It feels like I've been gone for a month or something but it's only been a week =]. But I wanted to keep you all updated as to why I haven't been posting anything lately and of course you all know it's because of summer school. I have been busy with 2 essays that were due last two weeks and now this coming up week I have 2 assignments and a midterm (June is just full of school work-not fun as all). A lot have happened to me lately and fortunately they are all good news(minus the assignments/essays/midterms LOL) =]. I know, I've gotten many comments on my last post that I haven't had a chance to reply you all, but I assure you that I have read every single one of them and that if I really do reply to them, you know that I would reply back with an entire paragraph s2 =], so don't think I'm ignoring you guys because I'm not! =]

But anyways, I wanted to let you know that last weekend or about a few days ago I was announced as one of the winners to Jessy's Giveaway!! How awesome is that?? I rarely win anything so I was sooo surprised that I actually won't her awesome giveaway. I will post on a separate post on what I won once I receive the package in the mail (hopefully soon but I don't know, Canada post is on strike right now so who knows how long I'd have to wait right? it's soo frustrating!).

Then I received my second blog award from Riya (I will also make a separate post on this =]) I was just surprised and honored that she thought of me when picking her few fellow bloggers to pass this award to and I was speechless to receive 2 blog awards within a week or two, where I seriously thought I would NEVER get any blog awards at all. So thank you Riya s2 and thank you Tiffo for my very first award =].

Then, I FINALLY got a new phone!!!!, I've been wanting a new phone since YEARS ago. I think you will all LAUGH AT ME when you find out what phone I used to have LOL but I'm so happy that I finally got an upgrade (Will make another post on what phone I got but if you guys check my "WISH LIST" tab above, you will see something crossed out =P. GUESS WHICH ONE? =]

And now, I'm looking into buying a DSLR camera, was looking at D5100 from Nikon but I don't know, What do you guys think? or should I stick to a digital camera for convenience =] if so then I was looking into the Samsung ST600 (Dual LCD)

Picture taken from http://www.pdnonline.com/pdn/gear/PDN-Gear-Review-Nik-3063.shtml
Picture taken from http://www.samsung.com/us/photography/digital-cameras/EC-ST600ZBPBUS

I want both but this isn't the right time to buy these because I will soon be jobless because my current store are closing down by the end of July, oh btw I'm a sales person at a clothing boutique =]

Anyways, will soon be posting more often just bare with me during this month where I'm stuck with tons of school work. I appreciate all the love and support you all have given me even when I'm lacking in some new post. Btw, blogger is very laggy  right now, so I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes/grammars that you see, it's too laggy to edit!

Have a nice weekend everyone s2



Chococcuro said...

congratulations on winning Jessy's Giveaway and your blog award!

I'm just a beginner DSLR user myself, but I can advise you to think about what you want out of the camera. Personally, I think most digital point and clicks are very limited. All those mega pixels just means you get bigger photos, not better photos! You cant change things around to get the effects/styles you want. But if you just want to just take normal clear photos, you don't need all the different settings. A DSLR is big and bulky, so a bit annoying to bring around with you (also a bit embarrassing coz you look like a tourist!). Also if you are getting an entry level camera like D5100, it's no where near as good as the more advanced models, so it may not be as good in poorer light conditions like indoors. I have that problem with my Canon EOS 3000D - I hope this helps haha

vickie said...

I laugh at your old phone but congrats for the upgrade ;) although I would appreciate it so much more if you got the BB!!

I rarely write comments on your blog nowadays :( IM SORRYYY! <3

ThisIsAlx said...

aww its ok vickieee =].. why dont u switch to my team ;)...maybe iphone5? =]

Anonymous said...

Girl I've had my phone for 4+ years -.-

G A B Y said...

Hey Alex, glad to see you're back! Congrats on winning the giveaway! I want a new camera too but my boyfriend will give me one for Christmas, yey!

Cerina said...

weeee congrats on winning!! I love winning things! It makes me feel like i have a little bit of luck haha. :) I know how you feel about having an older phone. I just recently got a blackberry curve in July...I was using a phone from 2007/2008? haha everyone was all "you need to upgrade homie!" but i was like "nahhh man I wanna wait for my contract to end so I can get a discount!" LOL :) well congrats on both of those hehe :)

Kawaii-doll said...

ObserwujÄ™ i zapraszam do mnie :)

Anonymous said...

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