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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Guu Izakaya

I was so excited to try Guu (a Japanese sushi bar) for the first time. It was such an impulsive decision, my friends and I were playing around with their DSLR (yes they all had one except for me..one of my friends brought two DSLRs so he lent it to me^^). After a few hours we were so hungry that we wanted to quickly grab something to eat at Timmies but I was like "I WANT GUU!!"... soo we all just went to Guu to suprisingly find no line-ups! Maybe because we went around 6pm and we went to their new location on Bloor Street.

Guu was a hit and a miss for me.. I loved the atmosphere and the service but some of the food are not worth the bucks! I will indicate which one of the following pictures of the food I thought it was worth it and a must try! These dishes ranges from $6-$10 (not sure about this because I was way too hungry that I just let my friends who have tried Guu before order the food, I don't even know what they were ordering (which is why I exactly don't know what the price were and the names of the dishes>< SORRYY).. I was practically there to sit and wait for food to come to me =]. We re-ordered a few dishes because we really didn't get full at all.

The captions are COLOUR coded for a clear overview of what kind of food I would recommend or what I would re-order if I were to go back again:
GREEN: Will order this again!
ORANGE: mmm, maybe, probably not
RED: No way!, rather save up those bucks and order a Big Mac!

Octopus Balls?
Did I say we were hungry?, yet we ate right away and forgot to take any pictures!!
Tasted very good but nothing too special that I can't get elsewhere for cheaper

Jellyfish Salad?
This was very very good, a MUST
Pricey but worth it because you can't find it elsewhere

Beef Udon
Their udon are so good!!, also a MUST

Very chewy and tasty, wish it came more in that plate LOL

Large Sweet Shrimp
Very fresh, big and meaty
A must, even if it's pricey but it's way too good to pass on this

Baked Oysters
Yummmmie.. but made mostly out of mayo, cheese, and fillings like potatoes, mushrooms. Oyster itself was very small. For the price, I can get better oysters elsewhere. Best if it's raw oysters!!! I recommend DIANA'S SEAFOOD for the freshest and cheapest seafood s2.

Ahhhh.. soo blurry, oh well... This was average but not bad, only came with 3 medium scallops and some mushrooms. Would recommend this but I can totally make this at home by grilling it with butter and season it with salt and pepper

Grilled Cheese
I disliked this even thought I LOVE cheese but I don't like eating sweet things so the dressing on this was not my thing. Also dislike fried food so that's another no no

Spicy Tuna
Taste good, but nothing special and very small portion

I think this was salmon sushi and tuna rolls
This was so good, much better without the mayo but this is a MUST =]

Creamy Udon with Bacon
We were way too hungry still so we ordered more udon, this was the one with bacon and again we dig in so quickly because we were THAT hungry LOL. Very creamy and chewy, another MUST =]

Fried Fish
This dish was alright, only had 3 pieces of fish on a bed of fried fish bones. Not worth it at all, not that yummy either =P
Black Cod
This was sooo good!, I think it was black cod but all black cod taste just as good. Wished this piece was larger too =P. Recommend this too even thought it's so pricey. It's a MUSTx100

Salmon Sushi
This one is a must too, it's suppose to be 3 different flavours but we had 5 people so we each only had half a piece  LOL. We did re-order another set of these but I don't think it taste that much different. All I noticed was that two of these were partly grilled.
Partly Grilled Salmon?
This was goooddd tooo!. Another must =]
Beef Sashimi
Nop, this had NO taste at alll!!!!, very disappointed. Do not recommend this dish at all.

Almond Tofu
Their dessert was sooo yummy, I told you guys I don't like sweet things right? So, if I think this was good then it MUST of been very good. Very soft and fresh tasting maybe because it was cold? Also loved it because it had a very strong taste of almond and its not super sweet at all. LOVE one of the best thing of the night =]

Overall, I love some dishes and hated some. Dishes were small, pricey and made out of too much sauce, mayo and dressings. However, I loved the freshness and quality of food also loved the atmosphere and the service they provided. This is one of those places where you would only go once in a while rather than going very often because it's very pricey and it's not filling at all. The bill came up to $40 per person (we had 5 people, and we weren't that full but we were satisfied). The washrooms were very clean and spacious, loved how they provided things like toothpick, mouth wash and pads!! haha never seen other places like that, so I love it. Next time I go, I think I need to order more udon and sushi/rolls in order to get full =P.

Have you guys tried GUU before? Do you LOVE it or HATE it... or in the middle kinda like me?...I don't think all the hype is needed around GUU, I mean it's a wonderful place to enjoy authentic Japanese food and drinks with great service and atmosphere but if you're gonna need some McDonalds right after then why not save up that $40 and go else where that still has very good atmosphere, nice Japanese food and services? I don't know maybe because I hate it when I eat and don't get full =P. I would recommended WATAMI, it's not own by Japanese but they serve some GOOOODD sushi, trust me... and at reasonable price s2!



mizzsandychau said...

awwww hun you are so sweet. i'm feeling better now, but don't you just hate it when you feel doubts with your bf? Hate that feeling!

yeah i've been going to your blog manually now cuz i always look forward to your blog, and the past few weeks i was thinking "hmmm why hasn't she updated in so long" and when i finally came to your page it's like WHOA i missed so many entries already! I think blogger is having glitches.

OMG i love your food pictures! i have not been to the new guu location yet but thanks for the pictures haha i know what to order when i go next time =)

Francesca said...

yum yum yum! thanks for your lovely comment :) my follower widget should be working now.. stupid google/blogger hasn't fixed the bug yet! some people get this problem where your followers dont show up :( it's so annoying :( xxx

Haze said...

I have never tried it before, but those dishes looks sooooo good!! I can't wait to try it. Is there a lot of locations for this place? And damn how much did you spend? LOL! Summerlicious is here! Are hitting up any restos?

ps. gave you an award too :))

yiqin; said...

the food looks so good!!

suki pooki said...

OMG GUU!!!!! *nomnomnom* You can tell Im a huge fan! There are four locations in my city! I've tried them all but only frequent one of them lol I really agree with the hit and miss dishes so whenever I go to Guu I always have my staples! I love how you went with a larger group of people = trying more things! When I go it's often with my bf so it's just two ppl and we don't always get to eat too much lol But I love their salad too!

Wow 3 courses in the summer? That's hardcore! Good luck in them all! and WHAT?! the iphones going to look like the first generation? Gross! Now Im so much more motivated to get the iphone 4 this september but I hope it comes in white! That's the only one I like!

I think that's great you can sew! Cause I wouldn't even be able to sew a button back onto my jacket if it popped off =( (yes, it actually happened once and I went crying to my mum hahaha) Sewing's such an ice girly trait, I wish I practiced more!

Awww thanks for the encouragement for my giveaway! It's finally posted on my blog so come check it out whenever you have the time! Hope you're enjoying your summer so far!

Jessy said...

i have yet to try it~~~though i so desperately try it~~~i have to go once of these days~~~i'd love to try the octopus ball~~~


Marina said...

Would you believe me if I say that I never tried any sushi??


Victoria said...


Maryam Maquillage said...

YUUUUUUUUMMMMMM!!! This post just made me sooo hungry!!! What did you do to me!!??

In re: to your comment, I say, if you're gonna get any makeup palette, this is the one you should get. It's perfect for girls like you, who don't wear much makeup on the regular, but still want to highlight and enhance their features for special occasions. It has brilliant colors that are totally wearable and can be amped up for the evening. Plus, the quality is superb and it comes with their Urban Decay's signature primer potion. I highly recommend it!!!


Francesca said...

Sorry to hear that about your blog! There's no way to fix it as it's a google bug problem. You can search the blogger google forums and if you find a relevant thread, post your details and they'll look into it hopefully!


Jessy said...

i just tweeted you on how to get it...but i think i got it by just following the steps on twitter...or you can google it...i think thats how i got it...lol


ShinyPrettyThings said...

omg everything looks so yummy! and how funny of u to color code your reviews of the dishes hahaha super creative! the beef udon looks the most delicious. its 12am here & im hungry again lol >.<

MartilaMi said...

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Thanks! kisses, Marti! ;DDDDD
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Riya~ said...

MMmmMM...look at all those goodies! Makes me crave for sushi lol!

Kim said...

Omg FOOD!! O_O *drools* that's a lot of food..


Jessy said...

girlie i got your package today~~~and already made a post~~~haha~~~


cushy said...

i got a small grill and your post reminded me to grill salmon that i just bought. yum yum...

mizzsandychau said...

hey hunnn
OMG don't feel bad! i really loved it when i used the samples!
i actually think it's the acne treatment (step 3) that's drying out my skin. You know how on the back it says to start with once a day and gradually increase to 2-3 times per day? I've been using it twice daily from the start. So i'm going to try to decrease my use to once a day or every other day.
how many times do you use it?
and what is your routine for paula's choice?


Just stumbled on your blog! AHH. This post made my tummy grumble... and I just had dinner! Yikkkes! This means I'm either 1) really fat or 2) this post is delicious. I'll go with the latter because YES, everything looks sooo yummy.

I'm such a sucker for sushi! Unfortunately, my sister's allergic to fish, so I don't get this treat too often.

Check out mine?

Anonymous said...

hello sweet doll,

thank you for your lovely comment, i appreciate it a lot.. you just made me smile!

and those dishes looks yummy! btw, i love sushi! yum yum yum!

i followed you back, thanks for joining the giveaway!!!


Cerina said...

That party grilled sushi looks sooo delicious! It's 11:40pm right now and I'm honestly craving some sushi lol!
I've never been to a fancy sushi bar...i usually just get some from the deli in my local Smiths. I'm so cheap lol ;P

mizzsandychau said...

noooo i LOVE your super long essay replies!!!! thank you sooooo much. yeah i'm just going to stop using the benzol until my skin isn't dry anymore, then i'll use it again haha. I hate how us girls always have to worry about face issues and use so many products. I'm so jealous of my bf, he has such nice skin and he literally doesn't do anything to it! not even moisturizer and his skin never peels! ughhhh

Sylvia said...

holy that looks SO delicious! I'm so hungry now :(

I usually opt for all you can eat sushi cause I find that at a la carte places, the bill can rack up really quickly!

Alma said...

ohhh Ive been to guu ....the beef udon is soo good!! But yeah things were a hti or miss with me too.... have u ever had korean bbq? YUMM

fashioneggpplant said...

wow, you guys ordered a lot! it all looks yummy but im really an udon girl :)

Pop Champagne said...

haha I love how you reviewed all these dishes individually, and big mac I'm always up for it! My fav for japanese is prob the octopus balls and the jellyfish, sashimi is a given.. but ya grilled cheese for a japanese restaurant doesn't sound appetizing haha

Jantje said...

Wauw, now I'm hungry.. Thanks! :P Anyway I never heard of GUU (i live in the netherlands) but we got several japanese and other forgeins restaurants where you can eat as much as you want for 20 euros (is like, 35 dollars?)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Whoa, everything looks so delicious! I'm hungry now! :3



And by the way, I love your nails in the post below. Way cahhuuuute. Totally have to give it a whirl.


Nicky said...

A lot of food haha Everything looks just great! You made me hungry! :) Have a nice weekend! XO

mimi said...

omg this looks sooo good!!~ Even though i'm not a big fan of seafood, this stuff still looks pretty good >< I really love the octopus balls aka takoyaki!! hahaha~ I like it when it's all burning hot~ but I don't like eating the octopus in the center XD I only like to eat the breading on it o___o LOLLL & spicy tuna roll is really good! too bad the spicy tuna bown at GUU wasn't that special ): The udons both look really good~ & BACON?? That makes anything taste good~ hahahah~ & it's interesting how they have grilled cheese at a japanese place haha~

Anonymous said...

I've heard so many good things about this place =) Food looks delish. I'm going to try to re-follow you to see if I can get your updates back in Google Reader.

Jeanie said...

Mhm the food looks delicious!!

breakingrumours said...

food looks yummy! omg the carpenters is playing on your mixpod, i love oldies!!!!

suki pooki said...

Hey sweetie! Im going to comment here again lol Did I ever ask if you can speak Spanish since you were born in Venezuela? What age did you come to Canada and do you go back often? It must be pretty there! Honestly, I often envy those who are born in exotic places!!! I can hardly say that Vancouver is an exotic place! lol

As for the iphone4, I've decided to just get the 4 in september if they have a white one, if not then my bf might get the new one and I might get his old iphone4 hahaha he should be lucky that Im not a technology junkie! (but apparently he says bag,cloths,makeup and travelling junkie is just as bad =P) My internet at home is still so wonky, I wanna update more often!!!!! I hope your doing well with summer school, how much longer?!

suki pooki said...

Oh and thanks sooo much for entering my giveawya!!

Ansa said...

Yum! Everything looks so delic and the presentation is absolutely gorgeous.

Eileen said...

Ah these look good! I'm really craving some Japanese food now lol

phey s said...

i love Guu!! <3 Only think I don't like about that place is the massive queuing. Enticing photos making me hungry! Thanks for sharing, love! x


lisa said...

everything looks delicious, making me feel sooo hungry!

Anonymous said...

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