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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

22 things about me @22 years old

Just 22 random things about me since I just turned 22 years old recently!!! YAY.......I'm getting old aren't I? Lets just say im turning 22 years young^^...

1) I procrastinate like no other... I can study for a midterm in the hour right before the midterm starts and still get an "OK" mark =S... this only works if I go to every lecture and actually take note at what the prof is lecturing

2) I am 100% Chinese but I was born in Venezuela, South America

3) I speak fluent Cantonese, Simplified Chinese and English... but can mumble some Spanish and Mandarin. However, I can not write Chinese characters but can sometimes guess it when I'm reading it

4) I have a gigantic blue/purple birthmark of a size of half my fist =S...

5) I am 5' 4''...but I wish I was an inch or two taller

6) I have disgusting hair (frizzy/curly/thin hair)

7) I'm on Youtube and Facebook a whole lot for entertainment...not so much here though =P

8) I love my skin colour

9) I hate my skin type (acne-prone skin)

10) I wish I had my sister's nose bridge ^^...If can ever have a plastic surgery I would do some work to my nose =P

11) I'm never on msn, even if I'm on it I would be "appear offline" haha

12) I love the no-makeup makeup style...going all naturale here =]

13) My clothes are so boring and simple that all my pieces look the same just in different colour/brand/material LOL

14) I have two homes therefore if I can afford it I usually buy things that I love in doubles

15) I used to blow dry/straighten my hair in full heat every single day, sometimes twice a day depending if I go out at night or not ><. Nowadays, I can care less about my hair because I have other issues to take care of instead (my acne-prone skin)

16) Some people see me as shy, polite, super nerdy, and quiet but I can be the total opposite specially with my 6* besties and my hunny where I'm usually making jokes all day long because I love hearing them laugh/smile...I'm also loud and wild around my closest friends ^^

17) I still feel like 19 years old, I sometimes have to recalculate my age when people ask how old I am because I just forget that I'm not 19 anymore!!

18) I love eating and trust me I can eat a lot...How about finishing a single large pizza by myself? I must admit that was hard, I had one slice leftover and it was a thin crust pizza but still I say I finished a LARGE pizza lol...My all time favourite is Sushi!

19) I'm on my 3rd year of University and still have no idea what I want to do when I'm done with school! Any ideas? I'm double majoring in "Physical and Human Geography" and "Health Studies"

20) I work at a mall where there are tons of pervs that comes by, but thank goodness we don't sell any men stuff anymore so that kept some of the pervs away from my workplace =]

21) I cut my own hair because my bangs grows like grass but I have recently started cutting everything else by myself and it's ok if I make a mistake because I can always wear my hair curly and no one would ever notice a difference!

22) Last but not least, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have what I have now. A peaceful, beautiful life with loving family/friends and of course my hunny.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy 365

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!, I know I'm one day late from the official date (February 14th) but "If you are happy everyday then everyday is Valentine's Day" by JW ^^.

Have a nice day everyone, enjoy the weather and food with the people around you s2

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Help Me Help a Friend s2

Hey all, I would much appreciate it if you can take part in a short survey conducted by my dear friend, Pearl (she's also on bloggers - The Red Bow). It will only take 15 minutes or so =]

Direct quote from Pearl...
"I am currently conducting research for my undergrad psychology thesis to examine the correlations that may/may not exist between one’s personality traits, their motives for Internet usage and the addictive use of the Internet. Therefore, I am asking you to participate by filling out a questionnaire. However, you must at least be 18 years of age to participate in this study.

The questionnaire has four parts and should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Participation in the study is completely voluntary and you may choose to stop participating at any time.

If you would like to participate or learn more about this study, then click on this link: Questionnaire

If you have any questions about the study, you can contact me through this page or by email: pearliel@yorku.ca"

Thank you all for your help and feel free to ask your friends and family to take part as well.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Free stuffs are awesome!!!

I have recently discovered Paula Begoun the Cosmetic Cop and the author of the well known best seller book, Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me. She was a guest speaker on The Dr. Oz Show and she took my heart away with her knowledge of ingredients found in skin care and cosmetics. You can purchase her book for review on almost every single product on Earth!! or better off, just go to her website for all the information. For product review you can visit www.beautypedia.com but only FREE until February 28, 2011 after this date, I think you would have to pay to see the website im not 100% sure about this so take advantage of it now!!.=] Paula Begoun also has her own line of skin care and makeup products called PAULA'S CHOICE. You can find her products and customer's review/comments on her main website, www.paulaschoice.com.

Like I said not long ago, I am breaking out like crazy lately and I started  searching reviews on almost everything that I currently use and found that some products I was using was irritating me. As I was searching day and night for a new skin care system on www.beautypedia.com I thought why not just buy a complete skin care system from Paula? She does have an awesome skin care line with no irritants that contains many benefits. So I started filling out my cart with items and the cool thing about her website is that you can purchase sample sizes for less than a dollar each. I was about to checkout but I found a button where you can click on it to speak to an expert. I wanted to ask them for any suggestions that would fit my skin type before buying an entire system that I've never tried before just to make sure I get the most out of my money. The representative was so nice and knowledgeable that she suggested an entire skin care system with step by step instructions as to which product to use first. She asked a few questions about my current skin care routine and what my major concerns were. She recommended a completely different skin care system than what I initially had on my shopping cart. I had the original system for normal to dry skin but the representative suggested the CLEAR Anti-acne system which I was glad I didn't checkout with the original because I am suffering from major breakouts.

After chatting for a while, the representative actually offered me some free samples before I purchase the full size product. She initially asked me if I can give her my number so we can do the transaction there. But I didn't wanna get charged long distance because they are an USA company. I thought "aww so I won't get free sample anymore?" but she was like "oh no problem, then we can do it online, just give me your full name and full shipping address". I was like "Yippee!!" and I made sure there is no charge of any kind (because they do charge for samples if you purchase them online!!) and I made sure that I won't get charged for shipping either. The representative was so nice that she said she would send me a sample of all the products she suggested me plus some other stuff that I might like. I was so thankful that Paula's policy are so great. I was also planning on trying their foundation so I asked if I can also get a sample for that. I was scared that they would be like "NO" lol but she was so nice to say "No problem, what shade did you want to try", I asked her for her suggestions for a NC 35 in Mac, I was thinking because 2 shades, I told her and she actually sent me samples for both colours!!!!

Now, the shipment would take 5-7 business days, it arrived on the 7th day and I was expecting an envelop with about 8 small sample (one sample for each skin care product and 2 for the foundation shades) but I received a BOX of samples!! (this was a small box but still samples are small anyways) I opened it and found all this inside the box.....

(Some are not in this picture because I've opened it and used it =P) Box, 3 pamphlets, one set of stickers, 5 Clear Cleansers, 5 Clear Toners, 3 Serums for dry skin, 3 Anti-aging Serums, 2 Clear Acne Treatments. Second row: 5 Day Moisturizer with SPF 20, 2 Foundation cases, 5 Night Creams, 2 Foundations
There were tons of paper inside the box and inside a zip lock bag I found all my samples that she said she would send me but they were in multiples of 2 to 5 depending on the product!!.. I got over 30 samples!!!. There are some samples missing in the above picture because I couldn't wait to try them. There were some cute stickers included in this package that allows you to place them on the different full-sized products to indicate which products to use first and which are used weekly, which are day or night products. The 3 pamphlet provided are also so cute because it illustrates how much product you are suppose to use each time with a printed circle for all the different products.

Overall, I am super happy with the service I was provided by Paula's Choice and I will be ordering from them soon after I use up the samples and choose the products I like the most =]