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Friday, April 8, 2011

Luxe Box!!!!!! s2

Anyone wonder what other company serves similar services as Birchbox, Testtube and Beautyfix that actually ships to CANADA?!?!?!

I've got the answer to that!!--------------> Luxe Box by Loose button <--------------

What is it?:
For those who don't know what Luxe Box is; it is a sampling service where you pay $9.99+tax (with free shipping!) for one Luxe Box per month to get 3-5 deluxe beauty samples from high end brands like Estee Lauder, Elizabeth Grant, Benefit, OPI and more!!! I love this service because you won't know what you will be getting in each box, so it's a nice surprise every time you open it! Samples varies every month, but during the same month, everyone receive the same or mostly the same samples.

How to order:
Since Loose button is a new company and still experimenting with the idea of Luxe box, you will need to sign up on their website to be on the waitlist. Soon after they will send you an invite to your email with a link to purchase a Luxe Box. You can order more than one Luxe box each month but then there is no point since the samples will be the same. Loose Button is currently only shipping to Canada.

My March Luxe Box:

Came in a UPS bubble wrap package

I ordered two!, one for me and one for my sister in law =]. Super cute packaging!!
Look how CUTELY wrapped it is!!

This is what I got =], pretty big samples.
-Estee Lauder Lip gloss in Caramel Apple Pie #1015-Love, non-sticky/smooth/smells good/tints of red =]
-Elizabeth Grant Lubricating Body Treatment -Love, no fragrance/not oily/absorbs fast/leave skin smooth with a healthy sheen
-Stila Lip Glaze in Brown Sugar
-Hate, super sticky/hard to apply
-Elizabeth Grant Facial Cleanser -Haven't tried it yet, Sorry!
A Hershey Kiss =]- in my tummy =]
It also comes with a greeting card with all the prices to the full size version of each sample products.
Also comes with  a coupon code to one of the brand! Elizabeth Grant : loosebutton25 to get 25% off =]

Right now, Loose Button is offering a one-month or three month subscription for April's Luxe Box, just so that you can just pay once instead of paying once a every month. I subscribed to their 3-month version so there will be one Luxe Box per month that will arrive from May to July. Anyways, my next Luxe Box is coming on the week of May 9th, super excited!! Did any of you order March's Luxe Box?, are you planning to re-order?, Or are any of you planning of trying this system out? I think it's super fun, surprise in each box AND affordable!.... s2 it so so much=]


Jenna said...

I received my Luxe Box yesterday and I love it!!!! Definitely gonna order the next one :)

Alx said...

That's awesome!! I ordered as well! can't wait till it arrives =]

Haze said...

thanks for sharing. will def give it a try :)


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