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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

22 things about me @22 years old

Just 22 random things about me since I just turned 22 years old recently!!! YAY.......I'm getting old aren't I? Lets just say im turning 22 years young^^...

1) I procrastinate like no other... I can study for a midterm in the hour right before the midterm starts and still get an "OK" mark =S... this only works if I go to every lecture and actually take note at what the prof is lecturing

2) I am 100% Chinese but I was born in Venezuela, South America

3) I speak fluent Cantonese, Simplified Chinese and English... but can mumble some Spanish and Mandarin. However, I can not write Chinese characters but can sometimes guess it when I'm reading it

4) I have a gigantic blue/purple birthmark of a size of half my fist =S...

5) I am 5' 4''...but I wish I was an inch or two taller

6) I have disgusting hair (frizzy/curly/thin hair)

7) I'm on Youtube and Facebook a whole lot for entertainment...not so much here though =P

8) I love my skin colour

9) I hate my skin type (acne-prone skin)

10) I wish I had my sister's nose bridge ^^...If can ever have a plastic surgery I would do some work to my nose =P

11) I'm never on msn, even if I'm on it I would be "appear offline" haha

12) I love the no-makeup makeup style...going all naturale here =]

13) My clothes are so boring and simple that all my pieces look the same just in different colour/brand/material LOL

14) I have two homes therefore if I can afford it I usually buy things that I love in doubles

15) I used to blow dry/straighten my hair in full heat every single day, sometimes twice a day depending if I go out at night or not ><. Nowadays, I can care less about my hair because I have other issues to take care of instead (my acne-prone skin)

16) Some people see me as shy, polite, super nerdy, and quiet but I can be the total opposite specially with my 6* besties and my hunny where I'm usually making jokes all day long because I love hearing them laugh/smile...I'm also loud and wild around my closest friends ^^

17) I still feel like 19 years old, I sometimes have to recalculate my age when people ask how old I am because I just forget that I'm not 19 anymore!!

18) I love eating and trust me I can eat a lot...How about finishing a single large pizza by myself? I must admit that was hard, I had one slice leftover and it was a thin crust pizza but still I say I finished a LARGE pizza lol...My all time favourite is Sushi!

19) I'm on my 3rd year of University and still have no idea what I want to do when I'm done with school! Any ideas? I'm double majoring in "Physical and Human Geography" and "Health Studies"

20) I work at a mall where there are tons of pervs that comes by, but thank goodness we don't sell any men stuff anymore so that kept some of the pervs away from my workplace =]

21) I cut my own hair because my bangs grows like grass but I have recently started cutting everything else by myself and it's ok if I make a mistake because I can always wear my hair curly and no one would ever notice a difference!

22) Last but not least, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have what I have now. A peaceful, beautiful life with loving family/friends and of course my hunny.


San said...

Yay for no.16 <3

Alx said...

Weeeeeeeeee.....I s2 u tonssssssssssssss

Pearlie said...

hahaaa...mhmmm interesting facts..and same as what San said, HURRAY for No. 16 hehehe...mayb me and San should do one too later LOL..but i dunno what i can say tho ><"

a, said...

hi! thank you for leaving a comment, :) to answer your question, i had the revlon matte lipstick in pink pout on with a stila baby pinkish gloss on top. i'm not sure what the name of the lipgloss is. doesn't seem to say!

Anonymous said...


Maybe I should talk to you in Spanish more often to brush up on all the Spanish that I forgot since my earlier years of high school (roughly 6 years ago...)

Anyway, I shall try to beat you and finish eating a whole large pizza to myself one day. And you should give me a haircut/ be my hairstylist. :)


Alx said...

Pearl: maybe u girls should!! soo i can get to know u two even more =]

A: thank hun i will look out for those two lippies =]

Vick: tal vez necesitamos practicar el espanol, asi no voy a olvidar lo tanto =]
lol dont eat too much thoo u know how fattening that is, i only eat pizza a few times per year lol like once to maybe 5 times max lol
...cut ur hair?? no wayyyy, u have perfectly beautiful hair.. i dont wanna ruin it!!!! ><

Anonymous said...

si si si! :) (I had to cheat and like google translate your sentence to be sure that what I thought it meant was what you actually wrote)

I believe that pizza is constantly in our fridge cos my housemates are crazy and live off pizza. CUT MY HAIR!! I want a pretty bob or you could try giving me bangs. I haven't had bangs in ages and would love to get bangs again! :) I think you'll do a good job anyway!! Either way, I really do need a haircut and probably some hairdye to make it dark again.. I'm absolutely sick of how blonde my hair is becoming.. ><

Alx said...

yea I only know the basics too I don't remember the harder/complicated words lol sighhh we really need to take some courses together =] and nononono I don't wanna cut your hair!!! your hair is perfect...I'm seriously....I'm too scared to cut your hair specially when it's sooooo straight..every flaw will show HAHA..I hope your midterm went well =]

Jenny said...

tonta chica..pienso que tu nariz es bien! (fine?)

you need to make a new list where i don't know atleast half of the stuff there!!! like....hmmmm.. tell me..what your favourite colour is haha

Tala said...

Lovely post!!
Thanks for subbing!
And btw, I can finish a large italian pizza (including the crust and the last slice ;-))

Thank you so much for the Urban Decay hint, I hope I will find it soon!!!

Alx said...

Jenny: Gracias Chica, Ok voy a hacer una nueva entrada pronto en las cosas que no sabes de mi =]

Tala: Thank you!, and wow you can finish the WHOLE THING?? =O impressive..No problem, I think they are sold out AGAIN lol it's insane!

Anonymous said...

sister, you have a pretty nose too.. don't need plastic surgery.
luv ya!
ur sister.

Alx said...

^^ Love ya too!!.. my nose is not straight =[ but oh well, no one really has a symmetrical face so it's ok I guess =]

*MoNtseR GiRl* said...

aw I love reading these things about bloggers that you talk to all the time! I missed quite a few of your older posts so I am slowly catching up! You are so sweet and I like your answer about how lucky you are with what you have now =) You deserve it!
haha I also have boring clothes and they all look the same to me too!!

Anonymous said...

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