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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Samples s2

Don't you all love free samples, I've recently received a lot of samples but I only taken pictures of a couple of them and these are also the bigger ones too!... I love samples, I actually love collecting them more than actually trying them/using them. I guess I just love opening packages in my mail (hence all the online shopping><)).

Btw, I'm not wearing ANY MAKEUP in the picture below so you will all see my terrible acne scars T_T. It takes 12-18 months for acne scars to heal sooo I'm patiently waiting and applying lots of sunscreen and exfoliating like I should. I'm glad I haven't broken out in 2 months (that's a miracle for me because I used to break out almost like every other day or something ><) But anyways I will show you guys in later posts what I use to control my acne and my general acne healing process =].... Please don't leave mean comments about my scars or I will tear =`[... ok maybe not, no body is perfect right? ]

Anyways, let me show you guys what FREE samples I got recently...



wait for it!!!!



TADA! here is it my naked face =[ AND some awesome freebies =].....

This is a 650g ASANA Yogurt from Yoplait

I have blogged about this freebie before but I think this ended already. What I did was signup on their main website (http://www.freeasana.com/index.php# - Canadians only) a few months ago, got a coupon in my mail for a free tub of yogurt and just redeemed this yesterday! I got this coupon a while back but I always forget to redeem it at stores (any stores that sells this will accept this coupon, I got mine at a local Superstore-Wal-Mart).

I'm not loving the taste of this just yet because it is very thick in consistency and it taste a lot like cheese!! Lol, I love cheese but I would like a plainer yogurt with less flavour? or a more refreshing flavour rather than something so thick and strong in flavour. But oh well this was for free so I can't complain too much about that, I will give it another try =P

Next, I received a few samples from P&G Brand Sampler (I believe this is only for Canadian). They have two versions one for Women and one for Men, I got them both but I didn't take a picture of the women version, maybe if I can collect some of the samples that I haven't use yet, then I will show them to you guys in another post. P&G sends out samples every 3-4 months so make sure you register now to get an email for their next sample batch =].

4 huge samples and one full sized razor

Gillette: Odor Shield Body Wash

Gillette: Odor Shield Deodorant

Gillette Fusion: Intense Cooling Lotion

Gillette Fusion: Thermal Facial Scrub

Gillette Fusion: ProGlide Razor

For coupons you guys can try these sites or just type in "coupons" in your search engine: www.pgeverydaysolutions.ca (Coupons)
www.pgbrandsampler.ca (a box of freebies every 3-4 months)
www.websaver.ca (coupons and freebies)

Check out www.websaver.ca because they often have new coupons AND they have one extra coupon for a free item. Right now they have a coupon for a free full sized cereal (Choices of Chocolate Cherrios or Fibre 1 Brown Sugar Shredded Wheat)

Cheers! =]


Edwina said...

I LOVE free stuff :D I didn't know about the free yogurt :( How come you got a P&G sampler for men too? I only got the one for females!

Lisa said...

i love free stuff too!! freebies are always awesome haha..

omgosh that yogurt is SO BIG!!! i've never seen such a big yogurt before!! haha

Anonymous said...

ohhh free stuff! :D
I'm totally gonna get my hands on some chocolate cheerios! honey nut cheerios is my favorite cereal. (:
Wow, ginormous tub of yogurt... good luck finishing it! hehe

ThisIsAlx said...

Thanks girls.. i lovee freebies soo soooo muchh i think they are soo much cuter than the full sizes AND they are freee! =]

yea this is a gigantic tub of yogurt but im actually already half done and its been only 2 days =P I only eat about 8 tablespoons not a lot =P

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I must've totally missed that guy's version of the pgbrandsaver thing. Darn, looks like you got some good stuff!

geishcharles said...

yay for freebies! followed ur blog :))