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Friday, May 6, 2011

Baked Chicken Drumsticks =P

Another delicious, easy, and simple recipe I use at home. Don't forget, mother's day is coming up this Sunday and you know how mommies always cooks for you? maybe you can prepare your mom this simple recipe that will leave her drooling =], I think she will much appreciate it even if you don't know how to cook she would love it when you cook for her!

Today, I'm sharing with you guys my baked chicken drumsticks. This is the basic of the basics, you can always add all sorts of vegetable like onion, carrots, celery and partly cooked potatoes in the baking dish to bake them all at one but you all know I like easy and simple recipes so here we go!.....

What you need:

- Baking dish of your choice
- Aluminum foil
- *8-10 chicken drumsticks
- **Garlic powder (but you can use garlic cloves)
- **Onion powder (again fresh is better but I was convenience)
- **Coarse grounded pepper
- **Salt
- butter or oil is optional but I didn't use it here

*Note: You can leave or remove the skins to make it healthier but you would have to lightly coat the drumsticks with oil/butter so that the seasonings will stick and also so that the drumsticks can turn golden brown
**Note: I do not have the exact amount on how much seasonings I used on these drumsticks, I just lightly sprinkle one side of the drumsticks with all the spices then flip them around and sprinkle another thin layer of these seasonings. Just have a light hand on the salt but the other 3 spices will be ok even if you add too much =]. It's like trial and error, once you make it a few times you will actually feel how much you'll need to suit your own taste buds.

What to do:

1) Preheat oven to 375 F
2) Cover baking dish with aluminum foil (or coat it with butter/oil)
3) Place drumsticks on baking dish

4) Lightly coat your drumsticks with seasonings, flip them around and repeat.

5) Loosely cover the drumsticks with aluminum foil or leave the drumsticks uncover if you want it to turn golden brown. Once the oven is ready at 375 F, carefully place drumsticks in the middle rack and bake for around 30-35 minutes. To check, just take out your drumsticks at 30 min, cut a slit down a drumstick in the middle and check if the meat is still pink or bone is super bloody, a bit bloody is ok thought. If not cooked then place it back in the oven for another 5-10min depending on how uncooked it is.

 6) When it is cooked. Serve to your likings, just by itself or with rice/quinoa/salad/potatoe/soup or anything else you want. I love to eat it with some Tabasco sauce or just itself with quinoa (will be showing you guys later an easy recipe to prepare your quinoa, a healthy substitute to white rice).
HAHA CHOPSTICKS!!! wHaT?? chopsticks with drumsticks?? how can you eat it like that... but yea I love using chopsticks with everything!! this is probably the most 'Chinese-y' thing you've seen in my blog lol

Hope you all enjoy this simple, easy recipe with the ones you love and Happy early Mother's Day to all mommies out there!! I love my mom so so much that I can't wait to spend most of my summer at home with her!! We love strolling down the park in the the summer s2! 

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jenwoonani said...

Thanks for sharing!! This looks and sounds delish!! MMMM, I love trying new recipes!

ThisIsAlx said...

aww thank you.. it actually taste good!! might not look the best here but as long as it taste good then that's what matters the most =] I love making easy things lieke this because my bf and I eat way too much and way too often to be cooking everything fresh before each meal lol