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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY Convertible Dress

Hey girls!

Yesterday I made a convertible flowy dress that I plan to wear to a wedding party this coming up Saturday. Would love it if you girls can help me choose =]. Please and thank you =]

-These are some of the styles I can turn my dress into
-Pictures of the back just shows you how the back side of the picture to it's left looks like
-I'm leaning towards 1st row/1st picture, 2nd row/ 4th picture and 3rd row/5th picture


This dress took me 6 hrs straight with no break in between to finish  because I'm not a pro so I had to fix a lot of my mistakes along the way.

Ever since I saw a commercial last year where they showed an amazing convertible dress, that's when I started thinking that I can make my very own which is why I wanted a sewing machine for the longest time!
I started searching on YouTube for some tutorials but there were none!
This following video shows the dress that looks jsut like the one I saw on the commercial. This may or may not be the same brand/company:
*Video belongs to it's owner*

I loved the concept behind the dress in the first video but I didn't like how the bust area was so bare and so much cleavage was showing so I started experimenting this ONE video (credits to them) to see how I can make my own which has more coverage as well:
*Video belongs to it's owner*
 I loved how this one comes with a tube top while the first video would only depend on the two long straps to help cover that area.

When I discovered these videos last year, I knew nothing about sewing so I had no idea how I can make a flowy dress so instead, I made a tight tube top convertible dress (shown below) which is so much simpler and quicker. Forgot how long it took me because I made this dress last year but I'm guessing around 3 hours max.

My first ever DIY Convertible dress
Only included a few style in the collage

To make this fitted dress:

1) I literally took some stretchy fabric
2) Made a rectangle dress
3) Measured where the bottom of my bust was
4) Then cut open a slit on the front layer of the rectangle dress
5) insert 2 longgggggg rectangle pieces, length of the two pieces where around the length from shoulder to knee
6) Then sew the seems.

Mistakes I made:

-Should have made an hourglass shape dress rather than a rectangle because now my waist area is a bit too loose
- Should have added an elastic band on the very top so it wouldn't slide off my bust
- Should have cut out more fabric for seem allowance, now my dress is too short
-Should have chosen a thinner and stretchier fabric


Let me know if you girls would like to see more close up pictures of my dress inside and out as well as an explanation of how I made my dress and I will try my best to illustrate that

-KEY POINTS to making a convertible dress are the material you choose and the two long straps you insert under the bust line
-all you really need is a thin and stretchy material like JERSEY KNIT
- cut two long rectangular strip to insert under the bust in order to make this dress CONVERTIBLE

Hope you enjoy this post, please let me know
which style from the BLUE convertible dress should I wear to the wedding party
on Saturday! Please and Thank you =]


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Luxe Box by Loose Button: August Edition

Hey hey girlies :)

It's that time of the month again! Wonder what I got in my August Luxe Box? Keep reading to find out =]

Cheeky Monkey: Nail Polish (Full Size) - $15 for 15ml
*Not really my type of colour choice, prefer lighter/nudy colours
*Dislike polishes so I was disappointed to see ANOTHER polishes in our Luxe Box =[, oh well =P
*Cute packaging
*Suede like cap (cap has a similar texture to NARS products)
*This polish does not have a super strong nail polish smell which is good but the toxic smell is still there

Colour: Agiter Document (metallic black)

City Lips: Lip Plumping Treatment - $35 for 5ml
Dislike lip plumping products
*This type of products temporarily "plump" your lips due to IRRITATION which is why you usually experience tingly sensation on your lips. These irritants found in "lip plumping" products are causing inflammation in your lips which is why your it appears to be "plumper"
Proclaim: Cocoa Butter Hand and Body Lotion (3 fl oz) - $8 for 32 fl. oz.
*Love the texture, leaves skin moisturized, not oily, not sticky, does not leave a sheen on your skin
*Hate the smell of this moisturizer. Very sweet and very chocolaty
*Will only use this if I'm going out so that the smell can diffuse better/faster and not linger around me for long

Calvin Klein: Forbidden Euphoria Rollerball Fragrance Sample (3ml) - $78 for 50ml
*Love how this is a rollerball
*Smell a bit too strong for my taste but it's doable
*Excited to try this more

Sheyna: Handmade Jewelery
Special Treat from Loose Button

*My jaws dropped when I saw this, it was so unusual to get jewelery in our Luxe Box
*Cute design
*Haven't worn this yet because I tend to get an allergic reaction to certain type of jeweleries

What do you girls think about this month's Luxe Box?
I personally wasn't that impressed at all, would much rather with the nail polish for the Pur pressed powder foundation that others got
Why can't they give samples like they used to? =[


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Glymm Box: August 2011!

Glymm Box is almost like Luxe Box and exactly like Birchbox in the States just that Glymm Box ships to the awesome Canadians!

Glymm Box is a:
World leading beauty and cosmetics website dedicated to making your life more beautiful. For $10/month (free shipping), you can order a Glymm box containing a carefully curated selection of 4-5 deluxe beauty samples delivered to your door.

Visit www.glymm.com for more information or
register under my link: www.glymm.com/share/alexandra_mo to help me earn points when you purchase your first box!! =] be sure to let me know in the comment section if you have registered under my link please =]
Cost of subscription:
Yearly Subscription:
$110 for 12 months (You save $10! that's one month subscription FREE)
You instantly get 100 Bonus Glymm Points
Transfer any time
Monthly Subscription:
$10 recurring charge to your payment method
10 Bonus Glymm Points
Cancel any time

Gift Subscription:
3,6,9 or 12 Months subscriptions
10-100 Bonus Glymm Points
Transfer any time
Membership Benefits:Monthly Glymm Box lovingly packed with 4-5 luxury beauty samples Beauty Community for trend reports, expert advice and hot tips! Save $10 off products for every 100 Glymm Points Earn unlimited Glymm Points when you spread the word!Shop full size version of certain samples as well as other beauty products on glymm.com with glymm points!

Earning Rewards:
100 Glymm Points can be redeemed for CA$10 off any product purchase
Each Glymm Box subscription earns up to 100 Glymm Points
For $1.00 spent in the Beauty Boutique, Earn 1 Glymm Point
For 1 Glymm Box survey completed, Earn 10 Glymm Points
For each beautiful friend who subscribes, Earn 50 Glymm Points

View and edit all information on their awesome website:
Can always update your beauty profile so they can better match you with suitable samples
Add/save billing and shipping information
Keep track of loyalty points (glymm point)
Complete surveys
Invite friends
View order history and status
Track your shipment
Create a return
Feedback, contact them and FAQ and more!

If you have any questions, post them below on the comment section or email me. I will gladly get back to you as soon as possible =]

Now for the FUN part!
What did I get in my first Glymm Box: August Edition?
Keep reading to see the goodies =]

First Thing I Like About Glymm Box Is That Is Delivered In A Box Rather Than In An Bubble Envelope. I Can Reuse Both Boxes Now, Rather Disposing a Bubble Envelope
Super cute packaging and sturdy boxes

Greeting card =]

A list of things you get in the box
Love how it includes how much product is in the full size as long as the full size price

Overview of things I got, all I see is the cute jar of JELLY BELLY!!!

Smashbox: Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15 in 24/7

OPI miniature: bloody red (no name found on the bottle)
FYI: I HATE RED polish!! lol I got 5 polishes so far from all my previous luxe/glymm boxes and 3/5 are RED! =[

Benefit Stay Don't Stray Eye makeup PrimerI'm so happy I got this because I always wanted to try this primer! Yay!

MyFaceWorks I Need To Detox Facemasks
I don't believe a mask can help us detox because we need to detox from the inside-out but this is still a nice/fun full size sample to try =]

The cutest thing ever! Wish I got green instead =P

What do you guys think about Glymm Box? Do you prefer this over Luxe Box?
I used to loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Luxe Box but recently their samples has gotten worse each time it just didn't impress me enough. But again, everyone likes and prefer different things I'm just picky =P. I really hope they will provide more fun makeup samples on upcoming Luxe Boxes =]

Right now, I'm very impressed with Glymm Box because they reply to our emails quickly like on the same day or even 5 minutes after they received your email! Love how their website is set up, love their point system and their online shopping store. It is also cheap than Luxe Box!! However, samples appears smaller in the Glymm Box. I'll see how it goes for my next Glymm Box, super excited and loving the Jelly Belly!


Sunday, August 14, 2011

testing: Haul/First Impression: Hong Kong/MACAU

Hey girls, sorry I'm posting this here as well as on my new blog but I THINK this blog is working again!!!! The updates are showing up a little later (4-6hrs delay) but I guess is better than annoying all of you to follow my new blog?? So I'm testing this for a few days and see if it's working or not.

If it's just delayed then I'll stay here (since my new blog updates are delayed too -_-; 3-4hrs delay) 
If there are no updates on this blog at all then I will move to my new blog

Sorry everyone for all the hassle but I PROMISE I will make it up to you all (specially the 12 followers on my new blog =P)


My friend went to Hong Kong and my Mister went to Macau (they went seperately and on different times) but they both came back with handful of gifts and souvenirs ^^, I asked them to buy some of the things shown below because it cost soo much more if I were to buy it here in Canada.... boooo and yes I paid them back with my own money!

My dear friend got me a set of contact lens case and a black iPhone4 hard case, THANK YOU and I asked her to her me get a set of BB cream samples and 2 silicone facial cleanser pads and a tool to make a donut bun in my hair (shown below, the tool was already in my hair =P I just couldn't wait to try it out!)

Mini BB Creams, wanted to try bb cream for the longest time but didn't want to buy a full size nor buy the samples here in Canada because we get ripped off!

In this kit: Diamond Collection Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm 5g
VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA++ 5g
Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SPF 25 PA++ 5g
The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF 25 PA++ 5g

These are in the same order as the BB creams
These BB creams has a very different consistency to it
1st is very watery, 4th is a little bit thicker than 1st, 2nd and 3rd are very similar ti each other and are very thick in consistency 

1st one is very shimmery in real life, I hate it, don't think I will ever use it but still good for highlight in photography but not something I would use for an everyday look
4th is the only one with the closest shade to my skin tone but still too light and peachy =S
Still have to try 2nd and 3rd on my entire face, no comment on it  just yet but I don't think I will like it either because I hate having face makeup that doesn't match my natural skin tone or the rest of my body! : @ and these two looks too light and grey on the swatch

Blended out
Don't know the name to this thingy =P

Basically a sponge with a wire inside

I suggest you all search through YouTube to find how to make this donut bun hairstyle, I'm sure there's plenty out there. It's just too hard for me to explain and show it to you when I don't have a 3rd hand to take the pictures while I'm doing my hair, Sorry =]

But I'll try a brief description below:
I tied up my hair in a ponytail
Slide my hair through the middle slit of the hair tool
Stop a midway
clamp the slit close
Start rolling the tool upward while collecting the hair
When everything reached the scrunchie, bend the tool downward to make a circle
Then move the hair around to cover the hair tool, pin it with bobby pins to secure it

Side view and yes, I'm wearing a top; tube top to be exact. 


NEXT: This is what my Mister got me form Macau/HK, his sister also got me a lot of giftsss/souvenirs =D

Guerlain Meteorites powder and blush, another BB cream sample kit, NoirBlanc eyeshadow, Coach keychain and our Sony HX9V =]

  • Guerlain Meteorites Blush and Powder Kit from Mister's sister =]
    Super cute packagingBoth powder and blush is extremely shimmery/glittery
    Only swatched, haven't tried on face yet
    Blush not pigmented, just gives off a light and subtle pink
    Brushes are pretty soft and fluffy but I would use my own brushes instead

  • Can you see the light pink near the bottom?
  • Powder swatched near the top, around the knuckle
  • Shimmers are more visible in real life then in these pictures

Top: BB cream kit in black packaging
Bottom: BB cream kit in pink packaging (shown above)
-Only the third tube differs from each other

The black kit came with the BB Diamond Collection: The Prestige Beblish Balm instead of
The Oriental BB cream

This is something else my Mister's sister got me =]
NoirBlanc: S103 Deeply In Love

Sorry the colours are supper washed out, refer to the next picture for right colours

Looks pretty in the pan =]

...but not in swatches
.Super shimmery. No colour payoff. Lots of fall outs.

She also got me this, super pretty and shiny =] quiet heavy as well so I will only use it as a hand bag chain? instead of a key chain =]

Mister got me this because he know my old camera is breaking on me and he does not like DSLRs so he got me this which I love a lot more than DSLR because it's smaller, cheaper and has great functions!
-16x zoom
-24mm wide angle lens
-Full HD movie
and a lot more of goodies refer to the youtube video below for all the goodness... I bet you can't do all this with a DSLR WITHOUT buying all the different expensive lenses and without getting tired from carrying all the heavy weight!

Watch this for more info of the best camera out there! =]



testinggg =S

Saturday, August 13, 2011

IMPORTED my blog to Thisisalx 2.0 =]

Hey girls!!

I can't stand how my blog is messed up so I imported my entire blog to another portal:

It's basically the same thing just that the blog is functional now and not one that is messed up=]
he name to my new blog is Thisisalx 2.0: http://thisisalx20.blogspot.com

I would love it if you can all follow me on that blog instead? =] Sorry for all the inconvenience but blogger was making me mad@@@@!! So I spent hours fixing and importing my new blog for you guys =]s2


One more note, as you can all see, I have finally reached 100+ followers so I will be doing a giveaway soon (end of month or beginning of September when I finish all my examssssss!) I still have to decide where I will post it and how it should all go down but definitely follow my new link because now you can all get my updates! Thank you all for supporting me this long, hope to see you all here: http://thisisalx20.blogspot.com


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cutest puppies and the best hair trick!

Hey Everyone!! Missing you all a whole lot, just back from my vacay a few days ago so time to blog again =].... Still testing out whether you guys can see my blog updates on your dashboards or not =S let me know please! if it's still broken then I might make a new blog instead because I'm not happy with how Blogger isn't helping me fix it! grrr...

Anyways, I've been obsessed with these YouTube videos I watched within these few weeks. Seriously the best useful hair trick EVER no lies and the cutest puppies ever! I think most of you have seen these videos already since it's so popular but just in case you haven't yet then please enjoy! =D

Let me start of with the best hair trick I learned from Blair of "juicystar07"

-This hairstyle/trick is great for emergency situations where you need to get your hair our of the way but don't have a hair tie, hair clip, bobby pins, pencils or other sources to get your hair up:
Ex. 1: Working out at the gym; you are sweating like no other therefore turning your pin straight hair into a severe case of frizzyness
Ex. 2: Washing your face or brushing your teeth; quickly do this hairstyle and throw it to the back or inside your shirt so it won't move around
Ex. 3: Wear this hairstyle right after washing and drying your hair to add beachy waves into your hair without applying extra heat from a curling iron/straightener

- Or simply wear this style because it's cute, easy and quick
-Or do this style to avoid damaging your hair with bobby pins, hair ties etc...

*All I know is that I think this is the coolest and most useful hair trick ever!! been doing this hair at least twice a day (morning and night when I'm washing after myself*

Second lovely video that I'm loving is from Holly of "hollyannaeree" where she posted a video of her puppy Eevee! Isn't she cute!?!?!

One of the cutest puppy ever! Her fur colour is so pretty and luxurious looking! Also loving the red collar, what a stylist puppy s2!

Last but not least, this video always puts a smile on my face! I can watch it 10000000x and still not get bored of it!!! It's the Ultimate Dog Teaser by "klaatu42"

Love it!! do you?? =D

Weather been super cold lately, I thought it's still summer?
Anyway, hope you all have a greatttttt weekend! Let me know what you think about the videos? Have you watched it already? 


Monday, August 1, 2011

Blog Awardssss! s2

Thank you Haze from Shades of White and Diane from My Kiss 'n Make-up for these awesome awards, Thank you thank you thank you girls ^^ s2 you both so much ^^

I always get so excited when I get these; always surprise, happy, honoured and grateful that these girls actually thought of me when forwarding these awards^^
Please check them out/follow them if you want =]

From Haze

From Diane

From Diane

From Haze and Diane

Rules: List 7 random things about yourself
Since I've already list many many MANY random things about myself in many of my previous posts, I thought I would change it up and do a tag: Would You Rather Beauty Edition that I found on YouTube here

Would You Rather Beauty Edition:
1. Would you rather walk around all day with you skirt tucked in your underwear or be seen wearing a really see through dress?
I would definitely prefer be seen wearing a really see-through dress because it's less embarrassing and it could have been on purpose but if my skirt was tucked in my undies then that is just EMBARRASSING period. 

2. Would you rather go to a party and not realize until the end of the night that you have lipstick on your teeth or that your fake lashes are coming unglued?
I think I rather have my lipstick on my teeth because I if I even do were lipstick they are all light colours not bright red or dark mauvy colours so it won't show up too much on my teeth PLUS I always cover my mouth when I laugh =D, no one will ever notice it ^^.

3. Would you rather forget to put mascara on one eye or forget blush on one side of your face?I rather forget mascara on one eye because I have side swept bangs that can completely cover one eye ;). Also because I like to use eyeliner as well so it will still give the illusion that I have mascara on when I'm not!

4. Would you rather wear lipstick/lipliner combo or frosty blue eyeshadow?
I think I rather go with the lipstick and lip liner combo although I hate both lipliners and lipstick but like I said above I can always do a light colour lipstick and even with a clear lipliner ;) Frosty blue eyeshadow is way too noticeable for me.

5. Would you rather wear foundation that is two shades too light or go way overboard on bronzer?
Woah this one is hard because I'm super picky abut my foundation shade AND not overdoing my bronzers =S 
I think I would choose to wear a foundation that is too light because I can over/hide my neck with my long hair so it wouldn't be as noticeable that my face is so much lighter than my neck PLUS I can warm up my face with blush if I can't use bronzer. I think if I overdo my bronzer I would look like I have a dirty face LOL

6. Would you rather drink an entire bottle of ketchup or run into the guy who broke your heart on a bad hair day when your skin is breaking out?
I think I rather run into my ex looking all bad than to harm my health and body with an entire bottle of ketchup. I don't really care what he thinks now, all I care is what my present Mister thinks =]. Thinking of drinking ketchup makes me shiver =S 

7. Would you rather be able to date any celeb you wanted or wake up with perfect red carpet-worthy hair?

I rather wake up with red carpet-worthy hair because dating a celebrity is way too complicated and not worth the heartbreak when they get bored of you and find someone else.

8. Would you rather your armpits smell musky or like delicious lasagna?

LOL wth is this? haha, I think I rather have it smell like delicious lasagna because others might think you had a delicious italian lunch and got all the smell stuck in your clothes.

9. Would you rather give up your makeup or cell phone for one year?

I would definitely give up makeup than my phone for a year! I am actually trying to heal my acne and acne scars just so I neverrrrrrr have to wear makeup (mostly face make up) ever again!! I'm already more comfortable with my skin and I haven't worn any makeup in so long (well except for summerlicious and other occasions but I haven't worn makeup on a regular basis like to school, work, grocery, casual meetings with friends, etc) =]

10. Would you rather run into a cute guy you like with food all in your grill(teeth) or no makeup at all?
Easy one, I'd go with no makeup because that's just how I look he should accept me the way I am but food in my teeth is soo nasty and no lady like. I think it's kinda embarrassing as well =S so no make up it is =D

I'm actually in a hurry to pack for North Carolina now so I would like to forward this to EVERYONE who reads my blog specially my 97 followers ^^ Thank you all for stopping by and leaving me a comment, I really appreciate it s2.
I know I'm like the worst blogger at updating my blog but you all know that I'm having some technical problems with blogger and I'm just not motivated to blog as often =P. Will be away for the next week or so, hopefully I will update my blog more often but I will be having my final papers and final exams soon time so we'll see how that goes.

Happy August Everyone =D